Lady in Red - Mountain apple juice Rouge

"Lady in Red" is what we call this juice from our GOURMET line, with which it all began: the idea of producing single-variety apple juices and bringing the characteristic taste profile of each variety right into the bottle. We are delighted every day by the astonished faces when our guests realise how different the juices of the varieties taste during the tastings in our deli farm shop.

Gifts that bring happiness

We have nothing but good ideas for you: Imagine that in November you already have many gifts at home. Imagine that you’re writing relaxed your Christmas greetings. And imagine to surprise your loved ones with our delicious mountain apple juices.

The right glass counts

When you have taken so much care to choose the right KOHL mountain apple juice for yourself, you should also make sure you can enjoy it to the full.

Ice, baby!

The story of a summer party, a wonderfully refreshing mountain apple juice and an unexpected encounter of apple, mint and beer.

The scent of summer

An ideal juice for the hot season - mountain apple juice and elderflower are a reliable combination. With the right temperature, they can keep us cool for a long time.

Kissed by the sun

100% sunshine - On the Ritten, at over 1,000 metres above sea level, our apples grow particularly well.

Bees & flowers - A love story

Spring in South Tyrol - when the white on the mountains slowly melts away and reappears elsewhere: on the apple trees all over the country, in the wide valleys and also on the mountains.

Good morning, sunshine! Mountain apple juice & peach, the perfect breakfast

Everyone knows by now: setting the alarm clock early allows us to get the most out of the day and is good for our health and creativity...

Time for a cocktail!

KOHL juices are wonderful ingredients for mixing.

Ciao bella! Mountain apple juice & lemon verbena

North and South, fresh and spicy – the mountain apple juice with lemon verbena marries flavours from different quarters. So far, so clear and simple. But how do mussels make out with this juice? An experiment.

Mussels with julienne vegetables

with it: toasted slices of bread, drizzled with olive oil


My personal creed

Sweet or sour?

The dots are your guide

What’s apple juice doing in a champagne bucket?

Alcohol-free enjoyment, well chilled.

The dos and don’ts of pairing

Which juice goes with my meal?

Apples and fashion

What have apples got to do with fashion?

Keeping the cows happy

Natural cycles are close to our hearts.

Apples for apple juice

How many apples in a bottle of KOHL apple juice?

KOHL mountain apple juice is vegan

100% vegan, what does it mean?

The Best of the Best.

The best Italian fruit juice comes from KOHL.

100% JUICE

Direct juice – no fruit concentrates, no added sugar

Business almost as usual.

There is plenty to be done.