Bees & flowers - A love story

Spring in South Tyrol - when the white on the mountains slowly melts away and reappears elsewhere: on the apple trees all over the country, in the wide valleys and also on the mountains.

Water - favorite drink of apple trees

85 percent of an apple is made of water. Besides the nutrients from the soil and sunlight, water is the third element that our apple trees need to grow and thrive.

Mini & Magnum – A Love Story

"When it comes to juice, quality is everything. As an apple juice refiner, I stand 100% behind that belief. Quality comes first. But, as much Italian style is ingrained in us in South Tyrol, the outfit is also important to us," muses Thomas Kohl, as he contemplates his juices.

Rare apple varieties in the magnum bottle

Grand Cru - these two varieties have earned this designation. We have grown, and cared for these exceptional and rare apples, and brought them to maturity with expertise and dedication.

Our Dancing Queen

Curtain up on our newest member of the family! A cuvée in which two juices dance together.
Mountain apple juice with pineapple.

The creation of a new taste

Those who see apples as an extraordinary work of nature and treat them with respect, as we do, approach the subject of cuvée with great regard.

It's harvest time

We at the Kohl farm harvest apples from August to November, with varying intensity. Quite a long period! Thomas Kohl explains why and many other things about apple picking.

The GOURMET Juice Elstar

With its bright straw yellow color, our "Elstar" mountain apple juice awakens Southern nostalgia and soothes it with its exotic flavors of mango, banana, and pineapple. The juice is fine and harmonious on the palate, with well-balanced acidity.

A look at the apple orchard: Autumn

Yellow, red, orange or all of them are the colors of the leaves of our apple trees in autumn around the Kohl farm on the Ritten. Just a moment ago it was a sea of green leaves. How could this happen and what does chlorophyll have to do with it?

"A" of Alternation

There is so much to talk about our apple trees! Where to start? Let's start at the beginning and begin our ABC of apple trees with the "A" in Alternate.

Pineapple & Pancakes

Warm and fluffy, lightly flavored with maple syrup. The first sip of juice with, the first bite of pancake: they go perfectly together.

Black Currant Mojito

In many cocktail shakers, our mountain apple juices create blends that even we often don't dream of. And sometimes even the muse kisses us. Just kissed: Sophie, responsible for marketing and communication at our company. Here's what Sophie created with our cuvée of mountain apple juice and blackcurrant.

Foodpairing: Asparagus & Grand Cru Ananasrenette

When we look from the Ritten towards the valley, we can almost see the villages that are famous for their asparagus

Flowerpower in the apple orchard

What I know: There are blossoms and bees, and then there are little apples that grow. In autumn, fully ripe, aromatic fruits are harvested by hand in Thomas Kohl's apple orchards and pressed into apple juice.

The art of omission

Anyone who thinks an apple grower has long months of winter holidays is mistaken. Shortly after the harvest, the time of winter pruning begins. When it is coldest and the days are short, we give each tree concentrated attention and care. The question is: Which shoots and branches do we have to remove so that the tree develops well next year and gives us the best fruit?


The new Mountain Apple Juice & Mandarin with its refreshing interplay of sweet and sour goes perfectly with fish.


How the child from the mountains and the fruit from the south have come together in an exquisite cuvée and what distinguishes this new star in our range.

Lady in Red - Mountain apple juice Rouge

"Lady in Red" is what we call this juice from our GOURMET line, with which it all began: the idea of producing single-variety apple juices and bringing the characteristic taste profile of each variety right into the bottle. We are delighted every day by the astonished faces when our guests realise how different the juices of the varieties taste during the tastings in our deli farm shop.

Gifts that bring happiness

We have nothing but good ideas for you: Imagine that in November you already have many gifts at home. Imagine that you’re writing relaxed your Christmas greetings. And imagine to surprise your loved ones with our delicious mountain apple juices.

The right glass counts

When you have taken so much care to choose the right KOHL mountain apple juice for yourself, you should also make sure you can enjoy it to the full.

Ice, baby!

The story of a summer party, a wonderfully refreshing mountain apple juice and an unexpected encounter of apple, mint and beer.

The scent of summer

An ideal juice for the hot season - mountain apple juice and elderflower are a reliable combination. With the right temperature, they can keep us cool for a long time.