Foodpairing: Asparagus & Grand Cru Ananasrenette

It was only natural that in spring, in the middle of the asparagus season, we thought about which of our juices would go best with an asparagus dish. Thomas Kohl, Italy's first apple juice refinery, chose the Grand Cru from the apple variety Ananasrenette. We are proud to present a delicious asparagus recipe by star chef Anna Matscher:

Asparagus Ravioli with Tomato Chutney


For the dough:

200 g wheat flour

100 g durum wheat

3 eggs

For the filling

500 g green asparagus

50 g mascarpone

10 g parmesan, grated


For the tomato chutney

4 tomatoes

1 small onion

Olive oil



Balsamic vinegar

To serve

1 spear green asparagus

12 green asparagus tips


Olive oil

Red basil

Lemon basil


For the pasta dough, knead all the ingredients by hand into a firm dough. Wrap in clingfilm and leave to rest in the fridge for 30 minutes before processing.

TIP: The pasta dough can be frozen!

For the filling, peel the asparagus and cut it into small pieces. Boil in salted water, strain and leave to cool on a kitchen towel. Purée finely with the mascarpone, parmesan and salt in a blender and fill into a piping bag. Skin the tomatoes and cut into small cubes. Peel the onion, cut into small cubes and sauté them in olive oil. Add the diced tomatoes, season with salt, pepper and chilli and simmer for an hour. Season with balsamic vinegar.

Roll out the pasta dough thinly with a pasta machine. Put the asparagus filling onto a pasta sheet at 5 cm intervals. Brush the edges of the pasta with water and cover all with a second pasta sheet. Cut out ravioli with a cookie cutter and press the edges well with your fingers. Cook them in salted water for 3 minutes.

Cut one green asparagus lengthwise into very thin slices. Blanch it together with the asparagus tips, salt and steam briefly in olive oil.

Arrange the ravioli in deep plates. Garnish with tomato chutney, asparagus strips and tips and basil.

TIP: You can freeze the finished ravioli. They will keep in the freezer for about two months. The cooking time is then 5 minutes.

Source: The recipe can be found in Anna Matscher's cookbook, “Schnittlauch statt Petersilie”. With photos by Michael Schinharl, Vienna - Bolzano 2017, p. 32f.