Enjoyment without alcohol?

It's quite simple: Not everyone can drink alcohol, and business people want to be alert in the afternoon when they return to their desks after lunch. Then there are children, the elderly, pregnant women, car drivers, and people who do not drink alcohol for religious reasons, not to mention the gourmets, who are always curious and keen to try interesting non-alcoholic beverages as a new experience.

Leading restaurantsin particular are very much aware of this trend and now offer attractive pairings for their various dishes in the form of non-alcoholic beverages. Ultimately, it’s all about keeping customers happy – and presenting the alternative to wine in an attractive adult style and providing similar descriptions in the menu and beverage menu. Restaurants with more than the standard CokeFantaSprite offering plus apple spritzer can now provide their customers with a new style of enjoyment.

Apart from serving as a fine accompaniment to the food, the non-alcoholic beverage in the glass can actually be part of the culinary creation on the plate. The possibilities are almost endless.

Juice pairings with KOHL mountain apple juices

Excellent food pairings are available with single-variety mountain apple juices, namely Rouge, Gravensteiner, Elstar, Rubinette, Pinova, and Jonagold, as well as the cuvées of mountain apple juice combined with other fruit, berry, vegetable, or extracts with exciting flavors.

With so much variety there are no limits to the attractive pairings and interesting creations. Even the color of the juice in the glass can perfectly complement the food on the plate.

Acidity scale for the right choice of juice

All KOHL juices are graded according to the degree of sweetness or acidity. That is a useful help for choosing the right juice to go with a meal. They also come with an easily understood description of their sensory characteristics.

Additional orientation where required is provided in the KOHL food pairings. Nicely chilled, the various mountain apple juices add a special touch to any dish, including fish, meat, pasta, and Asian. Several KOHL mountain apple juices also make a wonderful aperitif.