Cocktails for ever!

Apple juice is drunk for breakfast, as an aperitif, to go with a good meal and also when relaxing in the evening. Yes, you read that correctly. Our apple juices are now a regular item in restaurants and are to be found in more and more bars. In the hip urban centres, KOHL mountain apple juice is used for mixing and shaking or stirring.

Wolfgang Mayer, bar and lounge manager at the Widder Bar in the hotel of the same name in Zurich, has more than a thousand fine spirits to choose from. He knows them all and knows which go together well. He also knows which juice from KOHL to mix and how to create a new taste experience.
Here is one of his cocktail recipes with KOHL mountain apple juice.
Try it yourself, shaken or stirred!



Summer in a glass: the lightness of Japanese rice wine and elderflowers.

Ingredients for 1 glass:


Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and pour into a tumbler filled with ice.
Garnish with a cucumber peel and serve with chocolate cubes to taste.

Description of the cocktail:
Fresh and mild, flowery, fragrant and aromatic.