Mini & Magnum – A Love Story

Specifically, he explains, "We think a lot about packaging, colors, materials, sizes. Every detail must seamlessly fit in and complement our world of mountain apple juice."

Minis as "Easter Eggs"

The Minis are handy and can easily be hidden in the garden like Easter eggs and candy. This adds a new level of excitement to the traditional Easter egg hunt and is fun for everyone! And because they are beautifully decorative, the Minis are a wonderful addition to the Easter table.

Apple Juice Tasting

"My tip for your Easter Sunday: after a walk and before the coffee, it's the perfect time for an apple juice tasting. Ideally, blindfolded and with all the mini bottles we have in our range. A fun activity for all Easter guests."

Customized Enjoyment Package

If you know your favorite Minis and enjoy variety, you can customize your enjoyment package with six mini bottles of your preferred flavors. Order online here. However, a visit to our farm shop on Ritten in South Tyrol is currently lovely and would be a unique experience as well.

The appearance of the Big Ones

Or perhaps you prefer an elegant Easter celebration with beautiful tableware and magnificent flowers. In that case, our Grand Cru are perfect for your Easter table. Exceptional, old apple varieties, pressed into exquisite juices and filled completely naturally into Magnum bottles - our Grand Cru create a big impression.

Given the timing of Easter this year, we can look forward to the first fresh asparagus. This makes it the perfect highlight for your Easter meal. We recommend pairing it with our Grand Cru from Ananasrenette, which, with its flavor profile, perfectly complements asparagus dishes.

Sophisticated Easter Gift

Fresh, unusual taste experiences and elegant design - pack our Grand Crus Ananasrenette or Wintercalville into a beautiful gift box and write a few kind words on the apple paper greeting card. We promise that this extraordinary Easter gift will be well-received.

An added bonus is combining the small and large bottles to create an apple juice festival for your Easter celebration: small colorful bottles hidden in the garden, and large elegant bottles on the table, perfectly matching the Easter bread, eggs, ham, and first sprouts.

We wish you a delicious Easter with nice people! Cheers!