Lady in Red - Mountain apple juice Rouge

Rouge is not only the name of the apple variety from which we carefully press this juice. The skin, flesh, leaves, blossoms and even the bark are all red. No wonder that the juice of these apples is also cherry red - and that is done just by nature.

This exceptional apple juice with its bouquet of redcurrant, cherry and rhubarb is slightly astringent and acidic on the palate. Its flavour is strong, with a unique elegance and a great freshness that lingers on the finish.

To be enjoyed pure as an aperitif, with antipasti of fish and meat and with Asian dishes, always nicely chilled and in a stemmed glass so that the temperature is maintained. A stylish companion for long evenings full of surprises is the cocktail "Le Whisky Rouge".

Cocktail recipe

Le Whisky Rouge

In the shakers of great bartenders, our mountain apple juices make connections that even we couldn't imagine in our wildest dreams. How amazed are we, when we see and taste what the juices are capable of doing - provided the bartender has mastered his craft.

Today in the spotlight: Le Whisky Rouge, a cocktail that takes a gamble and brings together two strong personalities. An extravagant blend of earthy and smoky flavours with sunny and fresh aromas. For long evenings, good conversations, deep looks into eyes and souls. A cocktail which is perfect for the coming season.

Ingredients for 1 glass


5 cl KOHL mountain apple juice Rouge

3 cl Laphroaig 10 year old

3 cl dry sherry

2 cl Japanese whisky

2 cl agave syrup

1 cl egg white

GARNISH: chocolate leaf, blue meringue

Preparation: Add all ingredients with ice cubes to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Then strain into a cooled champagne glass and decorate with a chocolate leaf and blue meringue.