Good morning, sunshine! Mountain apple juice & peach, the perfect breakfast

Why not take advantage of the holidays to try something new? I'm going to do it today. The sun rises early and a gentle light shines through my window. Just that makes me feel good.

I open my eyes, which are a bit choked with sleep. First, I take advantage of the early wake-up call to go for a walk. The air on the high plateau Ritten is crisp, the morning dew drops glisten on the white bellflowers. Step by step, I am more and more awake and full of energy, ready to enjoy this fantastic day. I am already thinking about breakfast. Breakfast on holiday is one of my favourite things! It is a perfect moment: the day is still long and full of endless possibilities. The enticing aroma of coffee, the fragrant scent of freshly baked bread and cakes and - why not? - a fried egg. Fruit is an absolute must in a holiday breakfast. Colourful, varied, ripe, full of flavour. And today we are testing mountain apple juice with peach.

Yes to shopping, but in the countryside

The best activities to do on holiday? Simple: Visit farms and farmer's markets, find the best local products and handicrafts. Get in touch with people. My flat owner's tip: visit the KOHL deli farm shop in Auna di Sotto in search of some excellent South Tyrolean apple juice. The perfect souvenir for my neighbour, who is looking after my cat. 

50 shades of... juice

Sunny yellow, honey yellow, straw yellow, ochre, even red. Thomas Kohl, fruit grower and refiner of mountain apple juice, creates single-variety juices from different apple varieties. This is a novelty for me, and at the same time a joy for the eyes as soon as you cross the threshold of his shop. Did you know that there is a red-fleshed apple variety? In addition to single-variety juices, Thomas Kohl also produces apple juices combined with juices from other fruits, vegetables, berries or herbal and flower extracts. These come in a wide range of shades: from orange to violet to midnight blue, intense colours. He calls these juices cuvées, a term usually used in the wine industry.

"The composition of a new cuvée is a fascinating process. All the elements have to be recognisable and, at the same time, enhance each other. One brings structure, one brings a special flavour to the palate, and another brings a hint of acidity." This says Thomas Kohl of the creation of his juices.

Mountain apple juice & peach

Ripe peaches take me back to my childhood memories of filling my hands with them. I'm too curious to try it combined with apple juice.

Thomas Kohl describes this juice on his website: 

Summer Loving! The sweet yellow juice of the peaches and the acidic juice of the late summer mountain apples complement each other perfectly. This lively cuvée has a wonderful flowery fragrance and a multi-layered bouquet of fruity aromas. The peach juice defines the texture: the velvety mouthfeel, the fullness on the palate and lingering aftertaste.

One sip, then another and another. A smoot mouthfeel, a full flavour and a long, lingering finish. The mountain apple juice, which gives that gratifying acidity, accompanies the peach notes like a queen on her sedan chair. It's a mix that works great.


In his deli farm shop, Thomas Kohl explains to me that the peaches come from Verona. In South Tyrol, this fruit is just available in very small quantities. After testing several varieties, he chose the late-ripening Percoca peach. Its aroma goes best with apple juice. Like apples, peaches must be fully ripe to ensure aroma and succulence. Peaches are so delicate that they are first turned into puree. At this point, the mountain apple juice and peach puree are blended and the cuvée is bottled. An extraordinary process.

Breakfast like a queen

I go back to my table, where a steaming cappuccino, juice and a slice of cake are waiting for me. I am over the moon. Waking up at dawn for all this? Definitely worth it. Next time I'll choose farmer's bread and jam. What I really can't do without is mountain apple juice.