Time for a cocktail!

The choice is yours: with or without alcohol. But one thing is clear: KOHL mountain apple juice is the perfect ingredient for a delightful cocktail. As a refreshing summer cocktail or an after-dinner beverage, you can drink what you like, but you will like it more if it is really good.

A man who knows all about that is Christian Heiss. This multi-award winning bartender with South Tyrolean roots runs the Kronenhallen Bar in Zurich. He attaches great importance to top-quality ingredients and a professional standard of cocktail making. As a fan of our apple juices, he has created several cocktail recipes. We think they are great! What do you say?



An Italian classic, remixed: a dance of apricots and herbs.

Ingredients for 1 glass



Shake the mountain apple juice & apricot with Galliano on ice and pour into a champagne glass. Slowly top up with cooled sparkling wine before serving.

Description of the cocktail:

Fresh, with a slight acidity and clear hints of vanilla, and an intense herbal aftertaste.