The scent of summer

It is almost summer when the elder bushes bloom. Here on the Ritten at an altitude of 1,000 metres, the flowering starts a little later than in the valley.

Harvesting the elder flowers

Then the time is right, and we won’t hesitate. With large baskets we go to our elder field, in the immediate vicinity of the apple trees. We manually pick the large white flowers one after the other very carefully, so that they remain as intact as possible until they are processed.

Elderflower miracle

There are many stories about the elderflower. They used to be planted in front of many farmhouses; not only because the juice from the flowers and the berries has such a typical and refreshing taste, but also because in addition to its many healing powers, it is also said to protect against lightning.

Two juices - a duet

Here's how it works: we combine elder flowers with our mountain apple juice and let everything steep until the unmistakable aromas of the elderflower combine deeply with the apple juice and form a balance of flavours.

Which apples do we use for the infusion? 'Exactly the right ones, which we choose with care,' smiles Thomas Kohl. That's all he tells us. Because: 'The art of the cuvée, the composition of sweetness and acidity, of a nice mouthfeel and good drinkability - I've had a lot of practice'. The 2021 vintage is beautiful and ready for a wonderfully long summer.