The GOURMET Juice Elstar

born in 1955, the cross of the Golden Delicious and Ingrid Marie varieties, with the best characteristics of both, Elstar experienced an explosion starting in the 1960s, becoming a "fad," striking the hearts of consumers through its taste.
Today, Elstar is no longer widespread. It is not an easy variety to grow. It tends to produce uneven fruit, an essential requirement for the fresh market. For apple juice producers, however, this is not an indispensable factor.
To counter this problem, new crosses have been made that have changed their appearance. The once green-red apple later blushed very visibly-that was what the consumer wanted. Thomas Kohl, on the other hand, returns to the original variant. The beauty of the fruit is not a topic of discussion; for him the aroma, the sweetness/acidity, is crucial.
Food pairing. The characteristic bouquet makes the juice an ideal companion for strong flavors—anything smoky, savory risotto with fish or vegetables, baked desserts, and blue cheeses.
Speaking of smoking. Bacon: pairing bacon dumplings with Elstar mountain apple juice is a must-try. The timing is right.