The dos and don’ts of pairing

While wine pairings are the subject of endless debate, combinations of food with non-alcoholic beverages are uncharted territory. So what are the basic principles? Nicole Klauss, writer and food blogger, has written a book as a culinary journey of discovery with lots of pairings with zero alc.
Here are some dos and don’ts for a perfect match:

  • If you want a juice to accompany your meal, a single-variety apple juice is a good choice.
  • Dishes with acidic ingredients (vinegar or citrus) need a juice with higher acidity to hold its own e.g. Rouge.
  • Juices to gowith the dessert should be at least as sweet as the dessert itself e.g. apple & peach.
  • Dishes with lots of pepper go well with a juice with plenty of acidity, because that takes the edge off it, e.g. Gravensteiner.
  • Fatty and solid dishes need an apple juice with fresh acidity and light sweetness e.g. apple & hops.
  • Delicate dishes should not be combined with strong juices as the fine aromas will be overwhelmed.


We are always happy to help with pairings for your dishes. Have a look!