The creation of a new taste

It is not enough to simply mix different juices; perhaps the color will not be as beautiful or a strange acidity will dominate. But when an expert touches the subject of cuvée, the view is different.
In addition to apple juice, juices made from berries, fruits, vegetables, and herb and flower extracts have a chance to debut in a big way.
"Think of apple juice as wine: with this idea Thomas Kohl has taken apple juice to a high level. His approach to cuvées is completely new.
The idea. Basically, a cuvée means that several juices are blended together. Apple juice allows one to dare beyond the boundaries of the fruit and include other fruits, berries, and even vegetables. Herbs and flowers are also sometimes suitable companions for a cuvée.
Anyone who thinks that cuvées are made to hide the flaws in the base product is mistaken. On the contrary, apple juice and its partner must be perfectly matched to develop their full potential together.
No risk, no fun. Two ingredients only: this also means double the risk. Both must be available at the right time and maintain the aroma during the waiting period. In summer, the apples on the tree take longer to absorb the sun and be ready for harvest, and at the same time some flowers bloom earlier and some berries ripen later.
"With my latest creation, mountain apple juice with mandarin juice from Sicily, I have gone a bit beyond my classic philosophy. For the first time, a juice came from far away, whose fruit ripens in February/March," Thomas Kohl recalls. New ideas and solutions are needed. Sometimes it takes a whole year before everything is perfect-from the right blend to smooth logistics.
About apple juice "I know my varieties inside out, yet there are always new surprises for me as well. In some Cuvée juices, I use a blend of different apple varieties as a base for the juice. Three or more players come in and have to agree with each other."
Miracle of arithmetic. It is a game about doing much more than 1+1. "I have come up with something completely new; my cuvées are my creations," Thomas Kohl says with a wink. "Although I am humble enough to know that it is nature that gives us the basic products, without which it would be impossible to create this."
Ideas for new creations? They never run out. At all times Thomas Kohl is thinking and working on different ideas for new cuvées and new single-varietal apple juices. He will never reveal it-until the countdown to the unveiling of a new juice begins.