Rare apple varieties in the magnum bottle

Grand Cru - these two varieties have earned this designation. These are exceptional and rare apples that we have grown, cared for, and brought to maturity with expertise and dedication.
Ananasrenette - the name of the apple and its juice could not be more apt. Fresh, fruity, and a bit frivolous. Pale yellow in color with green highlights, the liquid has a definite spiciness. Aromas range from pineapple to citrus, with a hint of currant. Fancy spring in the middle of winter!
Wintercalville - another perfect name. It takes us on a journey to a cold country, a journey Wintercalville has actually taken. Its family tree goes back centuries, and it was considered a true connoisseur's apple for a long time. It is especially suitable in the colder months. The flavor is spicy and aromatic, with hints of white peach, juicy yellow plums, and honey.
Just as noble as the juices are in their packaging. An elegant, glittering dark gray box, with an embossed apple leaf design, protects the magnum bottle, embellished with an embossed label wrapped in silk paper.