Noblesse oblige.

The very name fires the imagination and conjures up a journey to a cold land lying under a blanket of snow. Surprisingly enough, that is a journey the Wintercalville really made:

when word of this excellent dessert apple reached the court of the Tzar and an order was placed with the “Merano Calville Export Company”.
The Wintercalville truly has a long pedigree, reaching right back into the Middle Ages. Presumably a native of Normandy, for a long time the Wintercalville was widely cultivated and in great demand, even in the highest circles. It was grown, for example, in the orchards of the French King Louis XIII in Orleans. In France, the apple, which is now a rarity in our part of the world, is still prized as a gourmet apple and is often served with meals and used to make apple cake.
Wintercalville trees are sensitive; they like nutritious, healthy and warm soils of the type we can offer on the Ritten.
The flesh of the apple is creamy white, tender, light and very delicate, with an aroma of white peach and juicy yellow plums – and produces a very special, highly distinctive apple juice.

Serving temperature: 8 - 12°C
Especially recommended as an aperitif, with pasta, vegetarian dishes, light meats.