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Here are a few tips for storing our mountain apple juices and enjoying them to the full:

The main ingredients are the varieties of mountain apples grown by Kohl-Obsthof Troidner. All ingredients are best quality fruit that are processed when fully ripe.

The apples are pressed with the greatest of care, and the juices are not filtered. The natural sediments contain valuable vitamins and fibre and may settle at the bottom of the bottle.

Our mountain apple juices are carefully pasteurized so that they keep, but they contain no preservatives nor any other additives including added sugar. Unopened bottles should be stored in a cool and dark place. Once opened, they should be kept in the fridge and drunk within six days.

Our mountain apple juices are ideal thirst-quenchers at any time of day or night and also an elegant alternative to wine to go with a meal or for enjoyment in their own right.

- Important: Shake the bottle before drinking! That ensures that the sediments at the bottom of the bottle are redistributed with all their goodness in the juice.

- The mountain apple juices should be drunk at the recommended drinking temperature, and their complex aromas should be permitted to develop in the glass. That is best achieved by using a long-stemmed glass.

- Serving suggestions: Our juices are 100 % pure - and highly aromatic. So enjoy selected mountain apple juices with your meals. Suggestions for serving are provided with the tasting notes on our website or in this brochure.

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