Grand Cru

Grand Cru: Greater Growth

A title of distinction, and also a promise. We use the term to refer to the outstanding old apple varieties that we have grown and tended with great devotion and experience on our sunny plateau.


Single-variety mountain apple juices: for gourmets

Each of our mountain apple varieties develops in truly individual style, with unique aromas and structure! The wealth of flavours to be found in a single apple is captured in our single-variety gourmet juices.


Mountain apple juice cuvèes: Essence

Essence is the name of eleven mountain apple juices which we have enhanced with the addition of a fruit, berry a vegetable of various aromas. The result: a taste experience in its own right and, we believe, a union for at least half of all eternity.

Our little ones

For special moments: Piccolo

Our little ones with our big-quality natural apple juices and cuvées are just the right size for the catering trade, seminars and parties. Or maybe you are simply curious and would like to try out as many different juices as possible?

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