Everybody’s Darling.

Fresh and fruity – and a little bit frivolous. That is how an apple of this name should be. And where does it come from? – Presumably of noble lineage and unknown, possibly mysterious origins.

The trail leads back to the 18th or 19th centuries in Germany, Belgium and Holland. One thing is clear: in the 19th century there were countless orchards and almost as many varieties of apples. In the face of this fierce competition, the Ananasrenette – with its mix of fun and intelligence – was successful and became “Everybody’s darling”. Its career also took off in South Tyrol and only received a damper after a hundred years with the advent of large-scale apple growing operations.
On the sunny Ritten, in the healthy air and on the right soil, and above all with the benefit of our long years of experience, the Ananasrenette is now growing again. Juicy and spicy on the palate, reminiscent of pineapple with notes of citrus and cassis, this historical apple is ideally suited for the production of a single-variety mountain apple juice – and can once again unfold its convincing characteristics: fresh, fruity and a little bit frivolous.

Serving temperature: 8 - 12°C
Especially recommended as an aperitif, with asparagus dishes, risotto, cooked or grilled meat.